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  • BWT update: Year 6 to 7 Transition for September 2021

    Published 28/05/21
    For Year 6 children and their families the move to secondary school can be an anxious time. We know this is even more likely to be the case this year as children have not had the opportunity to visit the school they will be joining. Becoming familiar
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  • Letter to parents - next stage of Government roadmap (17th May)

    Published 14/05/21

    Next stage of Government roadmap (17th May)

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  • Compass staff take part in child bereavement counselling sessions

    Published 12/03/21

    Four members of our staff have taken part in special training on how best to support children with bereavement.

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  • Year 3s construct and test bridges

    Published 12/03/21

    Our Year 3 students had an exciting experiment as part of science week as they were challenged to build a bridge capable of supporting a vehicle.

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  • BWT is proud to play its part in the DFE’s new Trust to Trust mentor programme

    Published 11/03/21

    The new pilot Trust to Trust mentor programme has been developed by the Department for Education to partner MATs at different stages of development in a peer mentoring relationship. The relationship will operate on the basis of a single trust mentoring one other trust.

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  • Compass celebrates World Book Day

    Published 05/03/21

    Compass Primary School celebrated World Book Day  with staff and students dressing up as their favourite fictional characters.

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  • Re-opening of schools - letter to parents/carers and students

    Published 23/02/21

    Re-opening of schools - letter to parents/carers and students

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  • Year 2 students conduct traffic survey

    Published 05/02/21

    Our Year 2 bubble conducted a traffic survey as part of  their Geography fieldwork unit.

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  • Compass Primary awarded national online safety certificate

    Published 02/02/21

    We are delighted to have been awarded the national online safety certificate, demonstrating our commitment to keeping children and young people safe online.

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  • Delivery of lockdown essentials a success!

    Published 25/01/21

    Our team has distributed lockdown essentials including stationery, food and uniform to our families to help during lockdown.

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  • Compass Primary sets up lockdown buddy scheme

    Published 21/01/21

    We have started a scheme so that parents who may be struggling with the demands of lockdown can link up and support each other.

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  • 100 things for students to do during lockdown

    Published 18/01/21

    We have compiled a list of 100 easy activities for our students to do during lockdown.

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