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Compass Primary School

KSA launch ‘Reading Stars’ with Compass Primary

KSA have launched a new initiative with our primary school, which will allow a small group of Year 8 students to act as reading mentors to 18 of our students.

Our students have taken part in a meet and greet session where they visited KSA to meet their reading mentors and the KSA librarians. The students also enjoyed making Monster Bookmarks and creating a reading list.

Monday afternoon saw the official launch of the programme, which focused on the Goldilocks and Five Finger rules to help students choose books based on their ability. The initiative will continue to take place over the next 4 weeks, where Year 8 students will visit the our school each week to read to the younger students, who will learn key reading skills and become more confident in their reading ability.

The initiative has been set up by KSA teacher Miss Wills and is being supported by KSA’s library and students.

KSA Librarian Mrs Economou said: ‘The purpose of the initiative is to allow our Year 8 students to become more confident in their reading abilities whilst developing key leadership skills. Some of the primary students also lack confidence in their own reading abilities so this brings both groups together in a mutually positive way and exposes students to different styles of reading.'

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