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Compass Primary School

'When I grow up'

Yesterday marked the end of Compass Primary Academy's time as torchbearer of the Brooke Weston Trust Ambition For All campaign. To bring an end to the campaign, the Academy held a ‘When I grow up’ day in which professionals were invited into the Academy to talk to students about their future career choices.

Children from across the Academy took part in an assembly where they were introduced to the professionals who included, amongst others, a community police officer, a security guard, an engineer, an accountant, a sports journalist and a chef.

The students were then split into groups to enable them to find out about the careers that interested them most. The students asked the professionals lots of questions to help them understand more about different jobs and pathways. They then used what they had learnt to fill out a job fact sheet.

The students that took part in the chef’s speech found out all about the types of equipment he uses and the size of the ovens, the students with the engineer had the opportunity to see the safety uniform he wears and the Sky Sports journalist spoke to students about the different types of sports he has covered.

Principal Mrs Jo Fallowell said ‘It was an absolutely brilliant day; the students were able to speak to professionals from a great range of careers. The day has helped the students gain a better understanding idea of what they need to do in order to achieve the jobs they want when they grow up. I hope this will inspire them academically to be ambitious and work hard in order to achieve their dreams. Thank you to the professional who have helped make the day a great success.

Although our time as torchbearer has come to an end, Ambition For All is going to continue to be a massive part of Compass Primary Academy throughout the rest of the year. We are planning to have an amazing talent show later in the year and we are also launching the concept of our five cartoon people that illustrate our school values of Resilience, Responsibility, Respect, Co-operation and Aspiration.’

To view more photos of the event click here.