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Compass Primary School

Return to School - 1st June information

Letter from the Principal and Information Booklet 

Dear Families


I hope that you and your families are safe and well.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you our plans for reopening on the assumption that the review of scientific information on 28th May will allow the Government to confirm a phased opening of schools for certain year groups from the 1st June. Clearly the dates outlined are dependent on Government confirmation, but all of the underlying arrangements would remain in place even if the date of phased opening was pushed back.

Since the Government announced that schools would be expected to extend their offer to additional children, we have been working hard to:

  1. Review guidance to schools and understand how this could be implemented as safely as possible.
  2. Conduct risk mitigation exercises to ensure we minimise the risk to staff, children, and families.
  3. Decide how we will work as a school and be confident our plans can be followed easily by everyone on site.
  4. Purchase signs, personal protection and hygiene equipment for use where needed as per the guidance.
  5. Reorganise our classrooms, staffing, catering, cleaning, and management of the site.


This has been a challenging and time-consuming exercise. I really appreciate your patience and continued support as we have worked through it.


During the risk mitigation process, it was clear the Government’s suggestion of 15 children in a classroom makes it impossible to have effective social distancing. The classrooms (across the academy) are fairly consistent in size for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, so the number of children we could safely accommodate would be 8. For EYFS, this would 10.


Allaying staff anxiety by having a strong plan and operating the lowest risk environment possible has been at the heart of our approach to re-opening: that is why for now we have opted for a more cautious approach than the guidance suggests. Doing this means we need to use many more rooms than usual for the number of children who will be on site.

We understand that not every parent will want their children to attend from the start, but we need to prepare ourselves for much larger numbers than at any point since lockdown began. We have therefore planned to open cautiously and carefully with a phased approach. The table below outlines how this will work in our school.

Phased Return Schedule


Phase 1:

Week of June 1st

Phase 2:

Week of June 8th – 15th

Phase 3:

Week of June 22nd

Phase 4:

Week of June 29th


Training day for staff to support safe opening.

Key Worker children in school.

Year 6 return to school in either full time or part time capacity.

Nursery return to school in either full time or part time capacity.

Plan for re-opening to wider year groups on rota system.


Open to all EYFS to ensure smooth start. Re-evaluate risk.



Re-evaluate capacity and level of risk. If possible, beginning planning to move to phase 3.



Re-evaluate capacity and level of risk. If possible, beginning planning to move to phase 4.



Open to all Y1.

Re-evaluate risk.


Re-evaluate risk capacity and staffing. To prepare for move to Phase 2.


Contact Year 6 parents to share plan for reintroduction to school from June 8th.




















We are determined to get things right from the outset and increase our provision as we go. For parents of children in Reception who are scheduled to start school on Tuesday 2nd June and of Year 1 children who are scheduled to start on Wednesday 3rd June, it is important that you understand that their school experience will be different from life before lockdown. Here are some of the things that may be different:

  • Your child may not be taught by their usual class teacher and could be with staff less familiar to them. 
  • Children will not be able to mix with others outside their class ‘Protective Bubble’ in the playground or at lunchtime.
  • Different arrangements for drop offs and collections will be in place to ensure social distancing and there will be staggered opening/departure times.
  • We will not be able to provide our usual curriculum offer because equipment cannot be shared.
  • Children will not be able to move freely around the classroom and the academy. 
  • Occasionally your child may see staff in PPE, especially if dealing with a first aid issue or a poorly child.
  • There should be no physical contact between staff and children. Clearly young children will need help understanding this as they often seek physical contact as a means of reassurance.
  • Staff will not be allowed to hug children, even if they are in distress.  

Booking Information Deadlines

To help us prepare, we need an accurate picture from parents as to whether they intend to return their child to school.  This information is essential to ensure we have everything in place for the numbers of children likely to arrive.

If you wish your child to return to school, please book them in via WisePay. We expect that children will attend every day unless you are a Key Worker, as their attendance should be worked around your shift patterns.

When we know how many children will be returning, we will:

  • Organise children into classroom groups or ‘Protective Bubbles’ with their link staff.
  • Confirm the precise arrangements to you for child’s first day by telephone.

Children of Key Workers in Reception & Year 1

For those children of Key Workers who have been attending school since lockdown, if your child is in Reception or Year 1, they will be expected to join a Bubble with other children of their age. This is to ensure they are

accessing their educational entitlement. Children will remain in with their Key Worker group until the day their year group officially starts back at school. Key Worker Children in Reception and Year 1 will be allocated to a Bubble and parents will be contacted by their Bubble Lead to provide them with all the information they need to move from the Key Worker Group to their Bubble.

School Dinners

Administration of lunches will revert to pre-lockdown arrangements. If your child is in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, or is entitled to a free school meal, no payment is required as a school lunch will be provided. However, this will still need to be booked so we are clear about the number of lunches required. If you are a Key Worker and your child is not in any of those year groups and they are not entitled to free school meals, you will need to book and pay for your child’s lunch using WisePay. This can be done when you are booking your child’s space.  Alternatively, you can provide your child with a packed lunch from home. Please note that the lunch option available will be in the form of a cold picnic box lunch. These will be delivered and eaten in their Bubbles.

I encourage parents and carers to think very carefully about what is right for their own child. If you send your child back to school, we will do everything we can to provide the best possible experience.  If you decide you want to keep your child at home, please be assured that we respect your decision. It will not impact on your child having a place at our school in the future, nor will you be pressured about non-attendance or fined.  We will also be maintaining our Home Learning Offer to all those children who are not in school, and this will (where it is possible) reflect the offer that we are providing at school.

I understand that this might be a very difficult decision for you to make, but I am sure that whatever you decide it will be the right one. You know your child best and I will totally respect and support whatever you decide to do.

In order to help you make the right decision for your family, we have provided a more detailed booklet about re-opening: This contains the key information you need to know. If you have any questions about the information provided, please call on 01536 532707 or email the school at


Yours sincerely 

Mrs J Fallowell                   Mr Leyton Smith

Principal                              Chair of Governors

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