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Compass Primary School


How we meet the needs of our children

We are a larger than average primary school which serves an area of high deprivation and diversity.  The global nature of our pupils and their families, drawn from across the world, brings together different strands (languages, cultures, religions and experiences) which we not only weave into the rich tapestry of our curriculum, but actively celebrate.

At Compass Primary Academy, we are reflective of the partnerships with the Brooke Weston Trust and the wider local area. Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values: Responsibility, Respect, Co-operation, Aspiration and Resilience. As a school, we actively promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical qualities of all our children, believing that this is ‘the thread that binds everything together’. It is important for us that we put our children at the centre of everything we do, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they reach their full potential and have engraved aspiration.

Our vision is modelled in our curriculum design, where we believe in advantage over disadvantage. We provide an enriched, creative curriculum which instils a love of learning in all our children and helps them move onto secondary school with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to thrive, and become positive citizens of the future within their community and the wider world. To do this, we put reading and high quality literature at the heart of our school - and central to the children’s learning. Being literacy and language rich is a must for our school if we are to open doors for our children’s futures and break through the challenging barriers that they face.

BWT 50 Before Year 7

Based on our knowledge of our children, we have identified 50 essential experiences to nurture their personal development enabling them to become responsible citizens who are appreciative of the world in which they live.

These experiences focus on: 

  1. Arts, culture and heritage
  2. Appreciation of nature
  3. Physical/ practical skills
  4. Contributing to society

House Points

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  • South

  • East

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