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Compass Primary School

Learning to Blend

During the first few weeks we will assess pupils to see which sounds they are confident reading and writing.

They will then start working in smaller groups every day to continue to learn to read new sounds, practise the sounds they know and to blend sounds together to read words. They will continue to have the opportunity to write letter sounds daily.

Whilst pupils are learning to blend in school, we promote reading at home by sending home 2 books to read:

A copy of the Read Write Inc Sound Blending Book the pupils are reading in school

We expect our families to practise blending the sounds that pupils are learning in school.

Guidance for families:

Your child is now learning to blend sounds. Please read the Sound Blending Book with your child to practise blending the sounds. Don’t just read the book once, re-read it multiple times to help your child become fluent blending these sounds.

A book to read and share

This is a high-quality book for families to read with or to their child and share the excitement and enjoyment of a story.

Guidance for families:

This book may include words with sounds that your child has not yet learnt or is not yet confident reading. You can read the book to them, share the story and talk about the book to help them enjoy books and stories while they are still learning new sounds and words. It is important you do not expect your child to read this book independently – it is a book to be read and shared together.