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Compass Primary School

Making a Strong Start - the first few weeks

Making a Strong Start

We follow the Read Write Inc 'Making a Strong Start' to ensure all pupils make great progress learning to read when they start school at Compass Primary Academy. 

When a pupil starts school in EYFS Reception, they will start learning to say and write the Read Write in Set 1 Sounds.

During the first few weeks, pupils will have a daily whole-class Speed Sound lesson where they will learn to say new sounds, practise sounds they have been taught and have opportunities to write these sounds.

Our pupils will be learning:

m, a, s, d, t

i, n, p, g, o

c, k, u, b

f, e, l, h

r, j, v, y, w

z, x

Click here to access the Parent Guide (including videos to help tour and your child pronounce the sounds correctly) 

Whist pupils are learning these sounds in school, we promote reading at home amongst our families to support pupils further.