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Compass Primary School

Meet the team

 The Little Explorers Pre-School Team


Children are at the heart of Little Explorers Pre-school

Creating a vibrant and flexible learning environment with plenty of scope for play and discovery is the key to a great pre-school, according to staff at Little Explorers at Compass Primary School.

The team, is close-knit and are committed to providing the best early years care for its students, who range in age from three upwards.

Little Explorers moved into purpose-built accommodation in September 2017 and natural materials used for play, creates a calm and purposeful atmosphere with plenty of opportunity for students to play, learn, be creative and develop friendships.

We are looking to make children independent, give them a curiosity and encourage them to be excited, motivated learners who want to find out about the world. It is always fun, hardworking and busy at Little Explorers but there is so much laughter in the day. The early years team here is so focused and professional that we all work really well together to create stimulating learning opportunities that change and develop according to our children’s needs.