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Compass Primary School

Online Safety

We work together with National Online Safety to ensure we are providing the most relevant and up to date online safety advice to our pupils and their families. As well as integrating online safety education within our school curriculum, we also work closely with a number of external agencies including Service Six (TARGET project); Jam Coding; and NSPCC to provide children with further educational opportunities to enhance their understanding of how to keep safe online. 

We have recently achieved 'Certified School' status and been accredited for work towards providing 'Safe Remote Education'.


We were chosen by the awarding body as subjects of a case study. Please click on the image below to read the article.

Parents can sign up to National Online Safety for free by clicking the link below or you can download the app.


Download for Apple:

Download for Android:


Please see the attachments below for information relating to specific Online Safety Topics

Please remember it is possible to report abuse and exploitation direct to CEOP following the CEOP link: