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Compass Primary School


Sharing books with preschoolers is as important as it is joyful. At this age, books can leave a lasting impression on young imaginations, form a key part of language and literacy development and provide young children with important insights into the world around them and the experiences of others.

Storytime is often a favourite part of the day – whether in the classroom or snuggled up at bedtime – and early positive experiences with books can be the foundations of a lifelong enjoyment of reading.

At the ages of 3 and 4, many children are just beginning to recognise letters and words and there is no need to pressure children to read books for themselves at this age more than they want to. Providing children with the opportunity to simply enjoy lots of different types of books and stories together with an adult is one of the best ways to give children a head start with their own reading journeys.

We have carefully selected a core set of Traditional Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Poems and literature which is classed as 'Literacy Heritage' alongside the Books for Topics 50 Recommended Reads. We at Compass Primary review this annually to ensure that children are familiar with new authors and texts. We also select the children's favourites from the year and send up to their next classroom, so they can continue to enjoy them again and again. 

Books for Topics, 2023 -

50 Recommended Reads: